Use TypeScript Core 0.10.0+

@vapper/core supports TypeScript since version 0.10.0. In fact, since Vapper uses Vue-CLI3+ or Poi to manage the webpack configuration, you can use the TypeScript plugin provided by Vue-CLI3+ or Poi directly. Let's use Vue-CLI3 and @vue/cli-plugin-typescript as an example to demonstrate how to use TypeScript in your project.

Initialize a project

First, initialize a new project as described in Usage - Integrating to Vue CLI 3 Projects.

Install @vue/cli-plugin-typescript

Next, execute the following command to install the @vue/cli-plugin-typescript plugin:

vue add typescript

Add type declaration file

Add the global.d.ts file to the project root and copy the following code to it:

import Vue, { ComponentOptions } from 'vue'
import { MetaInfo, VueMetaPlugin } from 'vue-meta'

declare module 'vue/types/vue' {
  interface Vue {
    $$type: 'server' | 'client'
    error: Error

declare module 'vue/types/options' {
  interface ComponentOptions<V extends Vue> {
    head?: MetaInfo

Finally modify the include field in tsconfig.json:


  // Other configurations......
  "include": [

If nothing else, you can already develop your project using TypeScript.